Male Deer 005

Neighborhood Wildlife: Young Buck

My son excitedly informed me yesterday afternoon that there was a boy deer on the hill behind our home.   The buck was in no hurry to leave, giving me plenty of time to snap some photos.  My son is sick (again), so he stayed home from school yesterday and today.  Luckily, the neighborhood wildlife has…


A Walk Around the Neighborhood

The best way for me to relax and unwind is to head out the front door for a walk with my camera.  Here are a few photos from my walk earlier this week.  I wasn’t able to capture any images with my camera, but the highlight of this walk was while I was in the…


The Baby Deer

We have a new favorite animal to watch from the dining room table while eating our breakfast… a baby deer who walks across the hill at least once a day with his mom. My son loves the big nose! Related articles Backyard Wildlife… Baby Jay (

Young Male Dear

“Mommy, look! A deer on the hill!!”

Multiple times a day, ever since my four-year-old son could talk, he exclaims, “Mommy, look!  Mommy, look!  There’s a deer on the hill!!”  Of course, he won’t let up until I take a look.  Today,  his shouts were slightly different.  “Mommy, look! Mommy, look! A teenage boy deer on the hill!!”  Here’s what my son…