It’s cold in California! Now let’s go play outside…

I’ve noticed a funny thing here in California (at least in the Bay Area).  When the temperature drops below 60F, kids disappear from the playgrounds.  This morning before school, the thermostat was still hovering around the freezing point, yet the kids who arrived early had a blast running around on the playground.  Really, parents, playing…


Yosemite National Park: Government Shutdown

We’re fortunate.  We visit Yosemite National Park four or so times every year.  This past weekend, we went to the park to celebrate our ten-year wedding anniversary.  We stayed at a family cabin in Yosemite West, which is in the park, but technically outside the park.  We were allowed to go to the cabin, but…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

What does the sea mean to me? For me, the sea is a place of rugged beauty, ideal for quiet contemplation. It’s why I so love the Northern California coast. *** The view from Arch Rock, Point Reyes National Seashore *** WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Sea

Yosemite Camping July 054

Hike: Mono Pass, Yosemite

This is another hike within Yosemite National Park that we enjoy.  Due to the distance (7.5 miles out-and-back), this is the first time we’ve tried it with our son.  We were afraid it might be a bit long for him, but, since the elevation gain on this hike is relatively mild, we decided to give…

Camping Mount Diablo 032

Rock City: Mount Diablo State Park

Love this place!! Great for both kids and adults… huge sandstone rock formations to climb, small caves to explore, gorgeous views, fun hiking trails… what’s not to like?? You’ll find Rock City in Mount Diablo State Park, on South Gate Road, near the Live Oak Campground.  For more information about Mount Diablo, visit the website……


Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Escape to me means being far, far away from other people, breathing in cool, crisp mountain air, hearing only the random screech of a hawk, inhaling the scent of pine, and taking in the high alpine views. We’ll soon be heading to the Sierras for our first escape of the season.  I absolutely cannot wait…

Osage Roses 055

Osage Station Park: Roses and Running

Over the past several years, I’ve tried running at just about every park in the Pleasanton through Danville area, searching for ones with trails both long enough for a nice-length run and shady enough to provide protection from our blaring summer heat.  I’ve decided my favorite is Osage Station Park in Danville.  The trail looping…

Neighborhood 004

Neighborhood Walk: An Early Summer

Here in California, due to the lack of any spring showers, it’s already feeling like summer.  That means hot weather, dry hills, and, unfortunately, an early fire season.  Here are some images from a walk I took with my son yesterday around our neighborhood in the San Francisco East Bay. Photos taken May 2nd, 2013