Yosemite May 2013 034

Hike: Lower Cathedral Lake, Yosemite

It’s official… my son has truly become a hiker!  While in Yosemite over the weekend, we decided to let our kindergartener choose which alpine lake we’d hike to… one that would require a three mile, a five-mile, or a seven-mile round-trip hike.  He excitedly exclaimed, “The seven mile one!”  We gave him a few chances…


Trail Run: Mirror Lake, Yosemite Valley

After spending the last two months recovering from a calf injury, I jumped back into trail running Saturday with an awesome trail run in Yosemite Valley. It was the perfect run to get me back on the trail, and it felt amazing. I was afraid to try anything too hilly, so I chose the section…

Geomag 001

Fun with Magnets: Geomag

We’ve used some fun magnet science kits in the past, but the way my son likes to play with magnets best is through building toys.  We have three different kinds… Magna-Tiles, Magformers, and Geomag. I credit my son’s strong understanding of geometric shapes to playing with these magnetic toys. Geomag building kits come with magnetic…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Escape to me means being far, far away from other people, breathing in cool, crisp mountain air, hearing only the random screech of a hawk, inhaling the scent of pine, and taking in the high alpine views. We’ll soon be heading to the Sierras for our first escape of the season.  I absolutely cannot wait…

New Squirrel 002

Darn! The New Squirrel

We have a new backyard visitor… a young, nimble, ravenous squirrel.  Since this one arrived, we haven’t seen our resident three-legged squirrel.  This one appears to have taken over the territory.  Even worse?  This one is light and agile enough to jump from our barbecue onto the bird feeder!  We’ve moved things around and stumped…

Osage Roses 055

Osage Station Park: Roses and Running

Over the past several years, I’ve tried running at just about every park in the Pleasanton through Danville area, searching for ones with trails both long enough for a nice-length run and shady enough to provide protection from our blaring summer heat.  I’ve decided my favorite is Osage Station Park in Danville.  The trail looping…

UC Berkeley Botanic Garden 001

Floral Friday: Spring

Photos taken May 5th, 2013 UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley In celebration of National Public Gardens Day Related articles Gorgeous!  Cactus Flowers (anaturemom.com) This Friday! National Public Gardens Day (anaturemom.com)


Connecting Kids With Nature: How Grandparents Can Help

Are you a grandparent who would like to help connect your grandchild(ren) with the natural world?  Check out these great tips from Richard Louv…  Grand Ideas!  21 Great Ways Grandparents and Grandfriends Can Connect Kids to Nature.  What wonderful ways to bond! My dad and my son, then three, gardening together (Tip #9:  Create a…

UC Berkeley Botanic Garden 142

Gorgeous! Cactus Flowers

The cacti in the the New World Desert Collection of the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley are in stunning bloom.  How have I missed this in past years?  The flowers are gorgeous!  All these photos were taken during my visit on Sunday, May 5th, 2013.  If you live in the San Francisco area, I recommend…

Neighborhood 004

Neighborhood Walk: An Early Summer

Here in California, due to the lack of any spring showers, it’s already feeling like summer.  That means hot weather, dry hills, and, unfortunately, an early fire season.  Here are some images from a walk I took with my son yesterday around our neighborhood in the San Francisco East Bay. Photos taken May 2nd, 2013


See Jane Run!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been selected to be a See Jane Run Ambassador!  I realize I don’t write about it much, but in addition to getting out for my weekly hikes and outdoor play with my son, I also run a couple times each week.  I run with friends on Wednesday mornings and…