Fun! Great American Backyard Campout

The Great American Backyard Campout is coming up on June 22nd, 2013. It’s time to start planning now! What is the Great American Backyard Campout? It’s an event created by the National Wildlife Federation and their “Be Out There” campaign to reconnect kids with nature and the outdoors. On the 4th Saturday of every June,…

Stinson Beach Earth Day 008

Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration: Sand Globes

Photos of my husband and son making sand globes, from the Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration, 2013, at Stinson Beach, California.  Instruction was provided.  Apparently, once these are made, they’ll keep indefinitely, as long as they are misted with water daily.  We won’t be able to find out… my son had fun using the ones they…

Stinson Beach Earth Day 004

Stinson Beach: Play!

Saturday was the perfect beach day… not hot, not cold, not a bit foggy.  With such gorgeous weather, we couldn’t resist heading to Stinson Beach to attend the 9th Annual Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration.  There were so many fun art activities to participate in, I can’t possible contain them all within one post!  So, for…

Lake Chabot 007

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Anyone know what kind of bird this is?  I was sitting on a picnic table, waiting for my friend to arrive for our hike, when this beautiful yellow-breasted bird landed on a branch right above me.  I wasn’t able to see what the bird looked like from the side or from above, so I don’t…

C Caterpillar 020

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

On Friday morning, I noticed a tiny green caterpillar crawling up the stem of a plant in our back yard.  Saturday afternoon, my son and I went outside to see what the caterpillar was up to and found it spinning around on a thread, building some kind of nest.  Sunday morning, when we went out…

Greg and Sylvia Anniversary Party 014

Butterfly: Western Tiger Swallowtail

My brother and his wife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this weekend with a lovely party in their backyard.  This gorgeous butterfly blessed the occasion with a fly through and settled on a flower just long enough to allow me to capture a photograph. Western Tiger Swallowtail Photo taken April 13th, 2013 Pleasanton, California

C Caterpillar 024

Observe: Insect Activity

What cool insect, arachnid (spider), or mollusk (snail) activity can you find around your yard? Has your child watched a spider spin a web? How about ants marching along on a mission? What about a snail eating a plant? Give your child the time and space to observe these small creatures in their natural environment……

Caterpillar 001

Milkweed: Caterpillar

It this actually a caterpillar crawling up the stem of a milkweed I planted in our backyard?  It’s only about a half a centimeter long.  But is it a butterfly or a moth?  We planted the milkweeds to attract butterflies…. Photos taken April 11th, 2013

Seed Viewer Project 012

Kid Science: Make a Seed Viewer

Seeds… how incredible that plants of all sizes can grow from such a tiny thing.  If you’ve gardened with a young child, you’ve witnessed their fascination and wonder at the mystery of plants.  To give your child the opportunity to actually witness the growth of a plant from the first roots shooting out of the…

Blake Garden 071-001

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color (Purple)

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Color.  Take two… this time with a focus on purple. Photos taken April 5th, 2013, Blake Garden, Kensington, California Related articles Play! Blake Garden (anaturemom.com) Weekly Photo Challenge:  Color (anaturemom.com) Silent Saturday:  Blake Garden (anaturemom.com)

Blake Garden 033

Play! Blake Garden

Blake Garden in Kensington may be the best botanic garden in the Bay Area for nature play.  A favorite feature for my son is the Create-with-Nature Zone, which is stocked with sticks, rocks, flowers, and other nature items for kids to play and build with.  The second best feature here is the bamboo tunnel sculpture. …

LHS 032

Play: Lawrence Hall of Science

No visit to the Lawrence Hall of Science is complete without a bit of playtime on the massive DNA Sculpture and on Pheena, the life-size model of a fin whale. Photos taken April 2nd, 2013 Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, California

Redwood Bike Ride 047

Llamas: Redwood Regional Park

Ever wanted to learn how to groom, feed, lead, and interact with llamas??  You can take a class through East Bay Regional Parks and take a walk through the redwoods. During our bike ride earlier this week (Kid Bike Ride:  Redwood Regional Park), the kids stopped to watch this, a line of people walking with…