Hayward Japanese Gardens 026

Lovely: Japanese Garden, Hayward

I consider the Japanese Garden in Hayward to be a bit of a hidden gem, as so few people seem to know about it.  Whenever I mention it, the response is usually, “There’s a Japanese garden in Hayward?!?”  Yes, there is, and a lovely one at that. Interested in going?  The garden is free, open…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

My husband and I were married at Glacier Point in Yosemite, after sunset, just as the full moon was rising over the mountains.  As we waited for the sun to set and the moon to rise, a friend caught me and my soon-to-be husband kissing. Photo of a Photo Autumn, 2003 Glacier Point, Yosemite ***…

Male Deer 005

Neighborhood Wildlife: Young Buck

My son excitedly informed me yesterday afternoon that there was a boy deer on the hill behind our home.   The buck was in no hurry to leave, giving me plenty of time to snap some photos.  My son is sick (again), so he stayed home from school yesterday and today.  Luckily, the neighborhood wildlife has…

Citblocs, Sunol Kid Hike, Dino Digging 002

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

I usually photograph what we do and see when we’re out and about in nature.  For the WordPress challenge this week, however, here’s a photo showing a typical indoor activity in our home…  building things. Towers built with Citiblocs Photo taken February 6th, 2013 *** WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Chabot Space Center 031

Fun for Little Astronauts: Chabot Space Center

I’m surprised I haven’t written about the Chabot Space Center before, as we’ve been members for two years and visit frequently.  I’m frequently asked the question, “Is the museum OK for 3-year-olds?”  Yes!  My son has always loved our visits here.  The museum is filled with hands-on exhibits, which children enjoy. In the Beyond Blastoff …

Academy of Sciences 080

Mamatography 2013: Week 4

January 25th Home sick again, coloring… January 26th I took some much-needed me-time and went on a hike with friends… See more photos:  Hike:  Calaveras Ridge Trail, Dublin Hills January 27th The family went on a hike to look for ladybugs… See more photos here:  Ladybug Clusters:  Redwood Regional Park January 28th I was sick…