Hap Magee and Tilden 087

Mamatography: Week 3

A typical week in the life of my 5-year-old… playing with Lego’s, running around outside, watching wildlife, studying dinosaurs… January 16th, 2013 My son insisted I take a photo of his Lego Ninjago guys battling… January 17th, 2013 Watching the deer on the hill behind our home, a favorite activity… January 19th, 2013 The pine…

Crissy Field 016

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Here’s our son, waiting impatiently for me and my husband to get ready to head out on the trail at Crissy Field.  My eyes, however, are drawn “beyond” to the Golden Gate Bridge shining in the background. Please view the weekly challenge here:  Weekly Photo Challenge:  Beyond

Las Trampas Coyote Hills 005

Mamatography 2013: Week 2

January 9th Playing with leaves and sticks outside the city library… January 10th Finishing his homework for the week… January 11th Reading one of his Star Wars books… January 12th Studying animal tracks… January 13th Being silly at the park… January 14th So happy his mountain lion print is finally dry… (see January 15th post,…

UC Berkeley Botanic Gardens 021

Weely Photo Challenge: Resolved

I don’t really do resolutions, so this challenge has been a tough one for me. Philosophy When I was twenty-three, I had a month of solitude. During this quiet period, I came up with my “meaning of life.”  I was able to distil the meaning of life (for me) into two parts.  One is to…

Redwood Regional 009

Mamatography 2013, Week 1 – Here we go!

This is my first post for Mamatography 2013 (a 365 day photography project).  If you don’t know what I’m up to, check it out here… Mamatography 2013:  A 365 Day Photography Project.  Since I’m new to Mamatography, those of you participating probably don’t know much about me yet.  In a nutshell, I’m the mom of…


Outdoor Play: Lightsaber Battle

My son asked for one thing from Santa this year… a lightsaber.  A blue lightsaber, to be exact, so he could be just like Luke Skywalker.  Santa must’ve thought two lightsabers might be more fun, as, in addition to the blue lightsaber, he also brought a red one (like the one Darth Vader uses).  Doesn’t…

Animal Footprint Walk 001

Nature Walk: Animal Tracks

A fun activity to do a few days after a good rain is head to a nearby creek and look for animal tracks in the mud. We went on this kind of walk yesterday in the nature area near our home.  As we walked to the area, I asked my son what animal footprints he…